Extended Care Hospital of Riverside

A nurse and a smiling elderly patient in a wheelchair in the hall
Celeste W.

5-star, Google Review

The customer service is amazing, however the wound care team is very kind and care about every patient as if they were one of their love ones. I would definitely bring my love one again if I ever need it to.

Elizabeth V.

5-star, Google Review

Working has been nothing but a great experience for me. I love being a part of Extended care team and being able to work with great employees and the sweetest patients.

Alyssa G.

5-star, Google Review

New here, great place to work.

Lee W.

5-star, Google Review

I am currently working here as a CNA. I really enjoy working here out of all the jobs I’ve had. Coworkers are welcoming and managers are very helpful and professional!

Aresdu N.

5-star, Google Review

I work here and it’s a great place.

Robert M.

5-star, Google Review

Very attractive to my mom. We appreciate their services.

Aubrey J.

5-star, Google Review

Very clean facility. Very nice staff as well.

Yesenia G.

5-star, Google Review

Extended Care Hospital of Riverside County is an excellent facility for patients to receive quality care.

Shelly T.

5-star, Google Review

Amazing hospital! been working here about a week and everyone is very nice and helpful.

Emily A.

5-star, Google Review

Went into extended care and was greeted with extreme politeness place was clean and welcoming.

Marla G.

5-star, Motherly Comfort Home Care LLC

Love this place. Great service great attitude lovely people.

Fred M.

5-star, Google Review

Great place! Very friendly personnel and clean Facility.

Marla G.

5-star, Google Review

Definitely would recommend this Skilled Nursing Facility for rehabilitation.

Brittney M.

5-star, Google Review

I just started working for this company and so far it has been so welcoming. The staff are all friendly and helpful in making sure I am successful in my work.

Megan M.

5-star, Google Review

Extended care is an amazing skilled nursing and rehabilitation community for your family member. Staff is friendly and helpful and the care is exceptional.

Cari D.

5-star, Google Review

Great facility. Very clean. Staff is friendly and welcoming.

Kelly M.

5-star, Google Review

Facility is very clean. Employees are extremely helpful. The facility offers their employees education and training to help them grow and provide excellent care for their residents.

Claudia A.

5-star, Google Review

Beautiful facility. All staff and nurses are very friendly and caring.

Martha P.

5-star, Google Review

They are very responsive to the needs of my loved one and give personable care.

Sonya T.

5-star, Google Review

Management is excellent, the team members are friendly and helpful. The entire space was very welcoming and clean.

Christina J.

5-star, Google Review

The place is immaculate and the staff is beyond helpful and friendly!

Moody B.

5-star, Google Review

As a consultant in the skilled nursing industry, I have seen countless skilled nursing facilities and always feel welcomed and respected! They have a particularly accommodating business office and all share a cheerful disposition.

Raquel E.

5-star, Google Review

I have been working with extended care since 2016 and have been thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness of the halls and pleasant temperament of the staff. The administrator is excellent and does a wonderful job of managing the day-to-day operations!

Evelyn F.

5-star, Google Review

Extended care good place to work. I love working in extended care. The employees and our bosses are very understanding and the nurses are very nice.

Rosa T.

5-star, Google Review

Nice nurses and accommodating.

Joy M.

5-star, Google Review

Polite staff, frequent cleaning.

Eli R.

5-star, Google Review

Overall My experience has been pretty good being this is the first time I’ve ever been in a skilled nursing facility.

Curtis M.

5-star, Google Review

Great staff to work with great care best job I ever had and great team work.

Gary R.

5-star, Google Review

It is a nice place to work! The staff that I lead are amazing and provide the best care. They go above and beyond to care for our patients. All the staff work as a team.

Stanhope O.

5-star, Google Review

I love extended care and wonderful staff who fill its halls. It has a clean warm feel which is sure to impress and comfort those in need of healing!

Frank S. N.

5-star, Google Review

I have had the opportunity to work here for a very long time. I could not have asked for a better team to work alongside with.

Trang L.

5-star, Google Review

This place was recommended by my grandmother’s doctor after she was discharged from the hospital due to surgery. Let me tell you we have no regrets in following her doctor’s recommendation. Every time we visited the place was always clean, smelled good and the staff was so nice and professional, any question we had they were available to answer. My grandma had a great experience, they treated her with care and she felt motivated to recover. I would strongly recommend Extended Care to anyone looking for a facility.

Daisy O.

Google Review

Excellent place to work with a well-polished leadership team. I have been employed here at Extended Care for quite some time and find it to be a marvelous place to further my career ambitions and contribute to the community!

Ria B.

5-star, Google Review

I have worked for Extended Care Hospital for a year now and it has been an amazing experience. My fellow co-workers are such team players. Management is so active in the facility. Residents receive so much kind and loving care. The staff show so much compassion toward residents and their families and are so attentive to their needs.

Chris J.

5-star, Google Review

Extended Care has been a wonderful place further my professional career and give myself meaningful job training. I have really appreciated the work hard play hard mentality that makes extended care so unique.

Lorie F

5-star, Google Review

For the short amount of time that I have been here at Extended Care it has been a far beyond great experience, the staff are hardworking and are always looking out for the best interest of the patient.

Rosalia V.

5-star, Google Review

I’ve worked at Extended Care since 2011, and love the environment and culture. It is an atmosphere rooted in progression and personal development. Great place to work!

Jamie H.

5-star, Google Review

Hello, I have been working at Extended care hospital of riverside for 9 years now. I honestly say that this is a great place to work. I particularly enjoy every minute. we have a great team we have the best social service director Prisilla. DSD always very friendly and happy Ruth our medical records very nice. We have a wonderful therapy team food is always very good thank you Laura. DON always very professional our business office impressive. Kim payroll outstanding thank you Kim. We have great CNA’s Argelia , Edith, Rosa, Alma ext . Incredible place doing incredible things by incredible people.

Betty G.

5-star, Google Review

I am a employee here and I highly recommended this hospital the staff is wonderful the the patient care is beyond amazing I have worked in this field over 25 years now and the team work is amazing the patients needs are meet at once it’s more like family than co workers the activities provided the physical therapy amazing the customer service excellent.

Meredith C.

5-star, Google Review

A good place to work, staff are nice and friendly.

Teodoro S.

5-star, Google Review

I have worked at Extended Care for almost two months now and I can whole heartedly say that everyone here has made coming into work such a joyful thing. I enjoy coming in and seeing everyone’s welcoming spirit and positive attitudes. Working at Extended Care has been the best experience.

Nicolett D.

5-star, Google Review

They are the best.

Benjamin A.

5-star, Google Review

My father stayed here for 2 months and they have taken care of him really well. I have no complaints.

Evan A.

5-star, Google Review

I have enjoyed the years I have spent helping the patients of Extended Care. This is a rewarding and fast-paced place to work! I look forward to my job and love working with my colleagues.

Priscilla Q.

5-star, Google Review

As an employee here at Little over a year and a half as a Case Manager, I have enjoyed working not only at this facility but with the employees here as we feel like a family and our first priority is our residents

Erin D.

5-star, Google Review

As an employee, I have had a great experience working at extended care. The staff is really helpful , great management overall, and great customer service.

Lupe E.

5-star, Google Review

I’ve been employed at Extended care for about 6 months now, and I’ve learned so much already. The staff is wonderful especially certain people who always go over and beyond to help people feel welcome, and the residents feel at home. 

Britnee P.

5-star, Google Review

Extended Care Hospital of Riverside is full of wonderful staff and has been a great place for me to start my career in healthcare! I love the environment and work life balance the facility has afforded me.

Trevor H.

5-star, Google Review

My mother was at the Corona Reginal Mediacal Center for 5 weeks for TB. She was then transfered to Extended Care for rehab. The employees have done a great job helping my mom and always answer my phone calls. Erin, a Case manager really did a good job helping me get my mom into an assisted living facility.

Daniel F.

5-star, Yelp Review

My mother just recently passed away in January 2020.   My mother was brought in to this place about 6 years ago with broken hips and had severe dementia.  I would go visit my mother every weekend.  I just want to thank all staff for taking good care of my mother.  Especially CNA’s Edith, Argelia & Susan, who work so hard and gave their best to take care of her.  These people are amazing!  They went out of their way to keep her comfortable and treated her like if it was family of their own.  Special thanks to Benita (LVN), Michelle (Nurse director), Tonie (LVN) and Priscilla at social services who helped me all these years.. At the beginning when my mother was brought in to this place I was deeply sadden.  But now I know I made the best decision.   God bless you all.

Carlos G.

Yelp Review

My mother was sent here after an infection from her knee replacement surgery. The staff has been nothing but professional, caring, and hard working the whole time she’s been here. They keep the facility clean and have excellent physical therapists and occupational therapists to help patients gain their independence. The nurses and CNAs do everything they can to help patients maintain privacy and dignity while they are there. They make an incredibly difficult job look easy and they do it with an attitude of compassion and empathy. I would recommend this facility to any family needing this type of care for a loved one.

Kathy O.

Yelp Review

Thank you “God” for Extended Care Hospital.
It’s with great pleasure to provide some insight why they’re worthy of 5 Star’s;
Papa Adams was transported from Riverside Community Hospital to Extended Care Hospital late at night.
My sister Sherri and other family members went the day before researching for a quality hospital for rehabilitation. Sherri informed family about the attitude of “Excellence” filtered with an abundance of diverse personalities and employees with empathy entwined sympathy needed with the rehabilitation for Dad at Extended Care Hospital.
When the transport was completed and other family members had followed to ensure Dad would be at a place of peace. They definitely weren’t  like some hospitals with some staff being great pretenders and once the family leave staff change into a bad horror movie. Extended Care was the opposite a “Dream Come True!”
This hospital is as real as it gets with treating a patient like a celebrity. Walking through the doors and greeted with “Hello” and  “Smiles” at 10:00 pm. Absolutely no attitudes from working  late night shifts only humbleness and like one of my belated grandma’s favorite saying,  “Now that’s saying something!”
Greatness always start at the top and dripples down like good homemade frosting on a Bundt cake.
I must give “Kudo’s” starting from the top of the melting pot:
5 STAR DIRECTOR MICHELLE JERNIGAN, and her ‘Extraordinary Employees ‘ AIZA, BREONNA  NOEL, EMILY, ROBERTA, JANINE,  JOE, REBECCA and TRACY.  I call them the Auto-Pilot Team. Each and everyone of them knew what to do without asking or being lazy. It’s self-explanatory “TEAMWORK is making the DREAMWORK”  for  patients at Extended Care. “Thank You “so very much for ensuring Dad’s in good hands with his rehabilitation.  Mom feels at peace along with the rest of the family
Extended Care you earned these Five Star’s
1. Proffessionalism.
2. Efficient.
3. Pleasent Personalities.
4. Empathy.
5. Sympathy.
6. Follows all policies and procedures to avoid
Keep doing what you do. I know after  Dad’s released I’ll definitely have a follow-up review with more names to include for one ‘Awesome’ Rehabilitation and Extended Care Hospital.
Thank You Once Again!

Valerie T.

Yelp Review

five star quality measures

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